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The luxury sector

The luxury industry has some specific features that Retail Pro software can meet:

  • The international perspective;

  • The requirement for global reporting (helicopter vision)

  • The capacity for local variations

  • A personalised service of customers with a strong international dimension

  • The mobility of customers and items

  • The tracking of items with high market value.

All our users insist on this point: a CRM integrated into the cash register software allowing to know all the habits of the traced person; a technology adapted to mobility which allows to accompany customers in their purchasing journey, here and there on another continent; cash register software allowing a fast and secure collection.

Luxury customers expect highly personalized/individualized services. This requires the traceability of their behaviour at an international level. There as elsewhere, it is easier to resell to an existing customer whose profile you know than to win new ones. The term "Customer Loyalty" is therefore not an empty word in this respect.

CRM and Reporting

In terms of reporting, companies need a global and global view of their activities, whether in terms of stock levels or sales performance, across all their distribution channels. Because the luxury sector is not spared by another revolution; that of the omnichannel which sees an increasing interpenetration of distribution networks: booking items on the Internet, delivering part of the basket to your home, collecting items from a local point of sale, exchanging in another...

In the very high luxury segment, the contribution of foreign customers to the brand's turnover can rise to 80%. There is no need to stress the importance of this component, whose development is supported by the development of a wealthy class from the so-called emerging powers (China, India, Brazil, etc.).

Thinking globally, acting locally, this is the motto of luxury players who must be able to rely on shop software (front and back office), taking into account the specific marketing and tax characteristics of the countries in which they operate.

Software for luxury shops

Your system must allow you to:

  • To be aware of the customer's purchasing history and preferences, but also as on merchant websites of interests expressed at a time without being followed by a purchase act.
  • Propose articles likely to please in view of the customer's history. Locate the customer's initial or most frequented store.
  • Define actions adapted to some VIPs, who, by definition, not only have a strong purchasing power by definition, but are also likely to be the marketing vectors of a particular brand.
  • Adapt the pricing policy according to the variables articles, time, customer typology
  • Be able to inform the customer about the follow-up of an article in the course of custom manufacturing or preparation
  • Edit documents (invoices, tickets, certificates of authenticity, zero-rating) in the customer's language, wherever he is in the world. manage the regulatory and zero-rating constraints specific to each country.
  • Ensure that the customer can be cashed regardless of the method of payment and nationality.

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