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JLR has a team of 25 employees serving customers at 3 locations in Europe: Lyon, the Head Office and Warsaw.

Business developers

  Our Sales Engineers are much more than just salespeopl. They are "Retail" specialists who will be able to assist you in choosing the solution best suited to your needs. They are in control of the manufacturers' "equipment" offers; they know how to analyse needs and advise you on the best technological tools.

Project manager

  These highly qualified professionals are the functional experts recruited for their operational experience in point of sale management. Graduated from the best management training courses, they help you simplify your management processes and support you in setting up your IT tools.

Project manager « integration »

  For the companies, the technical challenge of "point of sale" IT projects is to successfully integrate "front office" tools with existing tools at Headquarters (ERP,...). We have a team of IT engineers who are the essential resources to successfully integrate these often heterogeneous systems, and the complementary specific developments.


  We have trainers "certified" by the partner publishers who rely on high pedagogical qualities to ensure tusers training. Our training courses take place on site or in the School in our offices.

Customer Assistant

Our "support" technicians are known for their high availability and technical skills. Their mission are to reassure and troubleshoot our customers as quickly as possible. Patience and smiling on the phone are the instructions applied 7 days a week all year round. They are at least bilingual and we provide support in French, English, Arabic and Polish.

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