Software and checkout equipment dedicated to the point of sale

JLR, an IT services provider, offers business expertise in software and hardware solutions dedicated to retail. 
Partner of all merchants, independent, franchised or network of international brands in all sectors, we constantly adapt our service offer to your business.

JLR is also a publisher of cash register software. Discover our Clictill solution !

Discover JLR


JLR is an IT service provider, expert in software solutions dedicated to points of sale. Today JLR implements RETAIL PRO, XL SOFT and Report One in France, Europe and other regions of the World.


JLR is all marchants' partner. Whether you are independent, franchisee or international brand and whatever your line of business, you will find an offer adapted to your specific needs.


Logiciels et matériels d'encaissement : études de cas métiers

This space for exchange is our link between your needs and our expertise. 
You formulate in your own terms a need and our expert answers you.


Services are JLR's priority. We adapt our services to each merchant's business and organization because each of them is unique. The availability, professionalism of our employees and reasonable cost are the values we defend.


More than 500 customers and 1500 sales outlets in nearly 30 countries around the world trust JLR. We take care of both independent business and the international brand. No matter how large or small the structure, a customer always deserves the best.

Our expertise

The home equipment sector

Home equipments

Thanks to a large number of successful installations with prestigious brands, JLR has extensive experience in home furnishing activities.

The beauty and wellness sector

Beauty / Wellness

In the field of health and well-being, the world of RETAIL must adapt to new consumer behaviours : online purchases, in-store advice, promotions...

The fashion and accessories sector

Fashion / Accessories

Managing a ready-to-wear business in the retail sector is probably the most complex. Indeed, it is necessary to take into account new fashion trends, buy the appropriate models and volume....

The leisure and sports sector, distribution of sports equipment


The distribution of sports or other equipment items qualified as "outdoor" requires specific management rules.

The luxury sector


The luxury industry has some specific features that Retail Pro software can meet : the international dimension, the need for global reporting, the ability to adapt locally...


The prestigious Pierre Guibert saddlery shop has trusted JLR

Located at 22 avenue Victor Hugo, next to place de l'étoile, the Guibert house, which specialises in luxury saddlery (also known for its leather...

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