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The fashion and accessories sector

The fashion and accessories sector

As a seasonal activity, purchase planning is a major challenge for fashion retailers. It requires an analysis of the sales history. Good agility in stock management remains the crucial point to ensure satisfactory profitability. As customers often buy several pieces, the checkout process must be fast. To meet these challenges, we offer specific management systems for networks and franchises in the fashion sector.

Every fashion retailer's anxiety is not to break into the most "fashionable" models and not to "overstock" items that may remain unsold at the end of the season.

Inventory management in the planning process must be extremely rigorous if we want to optimize our margins. The equation is far from obvious. To do this, it is necessary to have a very efficient management system which, based on the sales history of several years, will help the merchant to prepare his purchases.

In the same way, the declination of models in size and colour, or even in material, increase the number of references in stock in stores and make sales analyses more complex.

Fashion is clearly a seasonal activity; and what was true one year is not necessarily true the next. It is therefore necessary to be able to anticipate and anticipate in the future actions to be taken during these periods of high activity, such as sales or promotions. It is a... fast moving world.

The common element remains the customer, so it is necessary to be able to collect the consumer's expectations and focus his attention on new products. In the point of sale, it is not uncommon for a customer to present half a dozen items at the checkout, so transactions must be quick. It is also important to keep a record of purchases in order to better advise your client, particularly in terms of size.

Retailers with several stores must be able to control the stock situation of each point of sale in real time and offer the missing item immediately to the customer. The use of tablets or "smartphones" is now essential for salespeople in the shop when they guide the customer in his quest.

On the purchasing side, the templates are systematically acquired thanks to size and colour grids, thus saving time during the first collection or restocking. Reporting states by family, model or article are also essential to make the right decisions for suppliers.

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In other words, the whole merchandise chain must be under control, particularly to avoid markdowns (which are not negligible in this type of activity): from supplier orders to sales, including receipts or transfers.

The web must be integrated into the store management system. Customers identify new products, go to the store to validate their choice and try, and buy on their smartphone because they benefit from a specific promotion on a store or a period. We are in the multi channel domain..


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