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Training and deployment

The implementation of an IT project in the retail sector deserves particular attention in the training phase. Our methodological approach ensures the quality of system delivery to users.

formation et déploiement des solutions de points de vente avec JLR Distribution

We offer a tailor-made service adapted to each client's context, taking into account his size and users' level of maturity. JLR is able to organize and manage the most complex deployments, including configuration preparation, user training, on-site installation, opening assistance and support for the internal project team.
JLR generally prepares configurations in its workshops; knowing that an automated procedure can be preferred (Ghost) when the customer has an IT department. The start-up of pilot sites is mandatory when a large number of sites are involved.

Training can be done in a "School" in our offices, or on site, subject to the availability of users. For clients with internal resources, we train key users who, once certified, can take care of the training of their colleagues. For independent businesses, to limit the cost of travel, we combine installation and training.

JLR Distribution vous accompagne dans le déploiement de votre solution de points de vente


  • For a franchised brand in the decoration field, and to limit costs, JLR provides training on its premises by bringing together several merchants (minimum 4). Configuration preparation is done in JLR's workshops; they are shipped by carrier to each site. Connection tests and start-up are carried out remotely in collaboration with the Ensign involved in the deployment on the sites.

  • For a customer based in Switzerland with a dozen sales outlets, JLR fully deployed and trained users at the company's headquarters in Switzerland. The material was prepared at JLR, which took care of the export formalities.

  • JLR mobilized 4 « Business Partners» from Retailpro to ensure the launch of the application for a luxury brand located in 5 different countries, including the United States. Specifitites' skills transfer is carried out beforehand. The training is delivered in the language of each user.