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The LES SUITES store in Paris chooses JLR Distribution

Last summer, the LES SUITES boutique opened its doors in Paris. Carmelina Celso, Head of Sales Administration & Logistics, turned to RetailPro for the collection of customers and the management of the back office.

"I didn't know JLR before this project"  -  "We have discovered a partner who does not work for us, but with us". Acknowledges Mrs. Celso

For its part, JLR pays tribute to the courtesy of the store's staff, who were able to get involved in the computerization of the store : "From time to time, we have the opportunity to meet people whose quality of exchanges is only equalled by the kindness of our interlocutors." says Pascal Jamet, Sales Director.

We express the wish that, on the strength of its success in Paris, Eka Iukuridze will not fail to take the development of its concept beyond our borders.

Last update Wednesday 20 March 2024