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Retail Pro : The global reference


The Retail Pro solution has a robust functional architecture that can be adapted to any type of organisation. Each shop or group of shops can be managed either separately according to its own characteristics or globally. Centralized management of all entities is also possible. This solution is particularly suitable for chains embarking on an international expansion.

Logiciels de gestion points de vente Retail Pro

The business model is based on "Business Partners", responsible in each country for locating, translating and taxing the software to adapt it to local constraints.

After nearly 30 years, 75 Business Partners work exclusively on RETAIL PRO, in 18 languages, to satisfy the needs of 50,000 points of sale. Today Retail Pro is increasing its fleet by more than 5,000 stores each year.

The solution, in its most elaborate version "Retail Pro Prism Global Edition", has a very flexible functional architecture that allows it to be adapted to any type of organization : franchising, independent... Indeed, each store or group of stores can be managed separately, or globally. In any cases, the application allows centralized management of all its entities.

The technical architecture of Retail Pro Prism is flexible and lightweight. We call it "mobility 2.0". The cloud is integrated into the software.



Professional expertise

Customer relationship management 

It's difficult to attract new customers. This is why it is essential for an independent brand or merchant to perpetuate and to optimize its commercial relationship with its existing customers.

To do this, a number of advanced features of RETAIL PRO will make it possible to analyse consumer behaviour and to launch relevant promotional actions to build customer loyalty. The application allows you to :

  • Capture customer data
  • Segment customers
  • To calculate and allocate loyalty points 

In-store inventory management

Sometimes pharmacies suffer from a shortage of certain drugs. The pharmaceutical industry works in just-in-time production flows and without stocks. This reminds us that the issue of inventory management is at the heart of optimizing in-store sales.

Our customers regularly ask us about the optimal stock in store. It is true that if there are certain rules to be respected, these may vary depending on the type of local business you operate.

Stock levels and restocking


  1. The stock level will be defined in relation to each product's sales performance. This involves a detailed sales anlaysis in order to identify the items that sell best, average and not at all. This will make it possible to eliminate non-performing items from the catalogue, but also to lower the prices of those who "perform" moderately and increase the "best sellers". To do this, it is desirable to have a reporting or warehouse management tool

  2. Plan restocking timing (supply cycle analysis) for each product based on the three variables of the article's sales cycle, customer payment duration, and supplier payment duration. The main objective is of course to avoid missing sales because the product is not available in the shop, but also to avoid a break in cash management. In the software it is possible to define ceiling and floor thresholds that allow to have automatic proposals for restocking..

Stock optimal 

Some store managers define "the optimal stock level" which is exceeded when you need to either hire staff to manage your inventory or expand your space to store your goods.

This concept will vary depending on your activity. In luxury, the lifespan of a model can be as short as that of a perishable product. In toy sales, you must have your different products in stock, resulting in article repositories of several tens of thousands of lines and the need to have a suitable sales area.

By respecting these principles, you will optimize the management of your stocks by making the movement of goods more fluid and minimizing the financial costs associated with them.

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They trusted us !

BENEFIT PARIS chooses JLR as its integrator partner for the equipment of the Retail Pro cashing software.BENEFIT PARIS chooses JLR as its integrator partner for the equipment of the Retail Pro cashing software.

In collaboration with Perrine Labiche, Project Manager, JLR participated in the opening of the first Benefit Cosmetics boutique in Barcelona, then in the opening of the Paris boutique.

The LES SUITES store in Paris chooses JLR DistributionThe LES SUITES store in Paris chooses JLR Distribution

Last summer, the LES SUITES boutique opened its doors in Paris. Carmelina Celso, Head of Sales Administration & Logistics, turned to RetailPro for the collection of customers and the management of the back office.