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Support of the Level 1 Hotline by Cartridge World France

Support of the Level 1 Hotline by Cartridge World France

Cartridge World France started the deployment of XL POS software on its network in December 2010. In just under two years, the number of stores equipped has risen to 49.

The increasing volume of requests linked to the number of stores that have chosen the XL POS solution, has led Cartridge World to ask itself the question of directly integrating the hotline (telephone assistance) into its structure; with the primary aim of providing a very specific service to its employees but also to reduce the costs for its franchisees.

The internal support of the hotline imposes its share of constraints.

First of all, it is essential to have sufficient knowledge of the functionalities and troubleshooting solutions in order to continue to ensure an optimal service to its users.

Then, with Cartridge World stores open 6/7 days, and Headquarters only 5/7 days, Cartridge World had to find a solution to allow its franchisees to have specific assistance for Saturday.

To address its two main issues, Cartridge World has called on its long-standing partner, JLR, which has been its preferred service provider since the beginning of the project.

Several appointments have been scheduled in order to define exactly the needs and constraints related to our activity, but also to refine our pricing conditions.

"We obtained the best proposal corresponding to our needs and constraints and were able to define together, the technical level of our employees (internally), in order to plan a training course to upgrade skills."

During these meetings, we also identified the need for a level 2 assistance contract for Headquarters technicians to deal with the most complex cases requiring an increased level of expertise.

In order to maintain an excellent quality of service, we were obliged to offer assistance 6/7 days a week ; the subscription of a targeted assistance contract for Saturdays provided by XL Soft was the solution chosen.

Thanks to JLR, Cartridge World was able to obtain an interesting price negotiation for the whole project. It has been able to offer its franchisees the benefit of its services while maintaining quality service.

Today Cartridge World has its own "XL Pos" service which provides the entire level 1 hotline with the help of XL Soft for all cases requiring a higher level of competence. On Saturdays, all stores have targeted assistance in the event of a cash register problem.

The collaboration with JLR has allowed us to transfer the assistance internally and reduce costs for our franchisees while designing an optimal service and this, within a limited time frame...

I can only advise you to use this partner who has competent people who are attentive to their customers...


Head of IT & System E-Pos

Last update Tuesday 26 November 2013