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Franchised and affiliated

Franchised and affiliated

The point of sale IT system of a franchise brand : between centralisation and autonomy.

The difficulty lies in the fact that an organization that combines, within a store network, several distinct and independent legal entities, must be able to manage different levels of autonomy (franchisee, affiliates, members), while at the same time, thanks to its IT tool, converging an ability to disseminate and centralize the information required to manage its activity.

The point-of-sale solutions that JLR implements have a sufficiently flexible configuration to comply with the most demanding operating modes:

  • How to manage a centralized product repository but let affiliates control their pricing themselves.
  • Centralize purchases while allowing the member to order certain products from local suppliers.
  • Make franchisees responsible for their inventory while providing them the IT tools to optimize their restocking
  • Create commercial added value such as network loyalty cards
  • To have, according to the level of autonomy, the feedback of all the sales statistics of its network.

JLR Distribution propose des solutions de caisse pour les franchisés et affiliés

It is to all these problems that our consultants answer in the context of the implementation of our collection and back office solutions stores.


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